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Vampire Rising

"As always, I want more of Larry Benjamin’s writing, more of this barely futuristic universe. I definitely want more of Barnabas and Gatsby..."Prism Book Alliance
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"If one thinks about it, Larry Benjamin’s fictional memoir, Unbroken, has all the ingredients of m/m romance; but it is unlike any other work in this genre I’ve ever read. If one accepts the notion that there is a barrier between m/m fiction and gay literature, Unbroken surely breaks through that barrier." Ulysses Grant, Prism Book Alliance
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"The serious issue of being young and gay is beautifully handled by Larry Benjamin and with wonderful touches of humor." Reviews by Amos Lassen
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"This is a beautiful story of coming of age, coming out and also one of the most amazing love stories I have read in a while."  MM Good Book Reviews
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Damaged Angels

"...Damaged Angels is, for me, one of the best example of Gay literature..."  Elisa Reviews & Ramblings
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What Binds Us

"This book reads like a fairy tale, from the deliciously crafted language (Larry DOES have a way with words, and him describing himself as a wordsmith is really spot on) to the description of characters, milieus and sceneries." ― Hans Hirschi
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"...as a love story, the book is a delight, sure to engage and satisfy readers...it captures the heart and imagination...Ernest, heartfelt and thoughtful."  Kirkus Reviews
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"Larry Benjamin's writing is so powerful, one can not help but be swept up in the emotional tide of it all." Debbie McGowan, Beaten Track Publishing
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"What Binds Us is a beautiful story which examines the true meaning of the love that exists between lovers, family and friends...What Binds Us is a stunning debut novel from a writer I’ll definitely be watching out for in the future." BitterSweet Reviews
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Author Interviews

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